Why Attend Arm TechCon 2019


Arm TechCon is a comprehensive education tailored for developers, engineers, architects, product designers and executives that features the latest advances in technology around Arm’s world class technology and renowned ecosystem.

Join 3,500+ attendees in an immersive three-day experience to hear from visionary keynotes from top industry executives and innovators, advance your technical skills in over seventy technical sessions and hands-on workshops across seven conference tracks, experience innovation on the Expo floor, foster new connections in exclusive networking opportunities and more.


What’s going on at Arm TechCon 2019

11 Keynotes 


Keynote presentations from industry leaders.

7 Conference Tracks


Conference tracks showcasing areas of innovation for Arm-based solutions.

8 Hands-on Workshops  


Comprehensive workshops to provide in-depth knowledge.

4 Expo Hall Zones


View product demos, get insights from industry experts from our different Expo Hall zones.

Technical Accreditation


Obtain essential technical training to contribute towards IEEE accreditation.

Social Events


Relax with friends and peers at our social receptions!



Expand your personal network with other Arm TechCon attendees.

Women in Tech

women in tech

Meet, connect and celebrate women pursuing careers in tech.

Expo Theater

expo theatre

Sessions spotlighting new developments from the Arm ecosystem.

AI Coffee Bar

AI coffee bar

View demos, build AI applications and key AI partner presentations.


Conference Tracks

AI and Machine Learning


Learn how Arm and its partners are enabling intelligence for a vast array of industries such as mobile devices, automobiles, shipping, medical, and home surveillance. In these talks, we will explore methods for implementing intelligence at the edge using methodologies around sensors, voice and image recognition, IoT gateways, and neural network frameworks.

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Automotive, Industrial & Functional Safety


Nowhere has electronics design revolutionized product development more than in the automotive and industrial sectors. From assisted and autonomous driving to robotics in industrial applications, Arm and its partners will share insight and instruction into some of today’s most interesting engineering challenges, including real-time signal processing, machinery control, embedded vision, and functional safety.

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Chip Design Methodology


Modern chip design has moved beyond silicon. Demands for increasingly complex multicore, secure, and low-power and systems are increasing while designers are leveraging new processor and offload schemes to deliver efficient, targeted solutions. Learn how advances in modelling and tools are evolving hardware and software co-design and how EDA and design services are helping define new and exciting markets for established chip and platform vendors.

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Cloud to Edge Infrastructure


The traditional understanding of infrastructure as a physical building filled with servers, storage, and networking to “run the business” has been redefined. Arm and its partners will empower IT organizations to think and plan differently with an understanding of cloud computing, distributed cloud computing, and edge computing being fed by a 5G access network.

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Connected Devices & Cloud Services


The IoT is rapidly disrupting markets and transforming technology innovation. In the Connected Devices & Cloud Services track, sessions will focus on managing devices, connectivity, and data from the smallest distributed devices to high-performance compute. Gain key insights into what organizations need to consider as they begin to undertake IoT deployments.

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Embedded Software Development


As time-to-market pressures increase, the need to embrace and exploit productive, efficient, and smart software development rises. Learn the latest techniques and technologies in debug, multicore software, Linux/Android operating systems, compilation tools, languages, methodologies, optimization, performance tuning, and exception handling.

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Trust & Security


Today’s design ecosystem is rooted in connection at all levels, but these new connections come with significant trust and security considerations. The Trust & Security track details the latest information on provisioning, authentication, encryption, and designing trusted hardware and software.

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Convince Your Boss

Attending Arm TechCon 2019 can help generate new ideas, accelerate project strategy and advance your professional skills. To support conversations with your boss about attending the event, we have developed a powerful list of compelling reasons why you need to attend. Present these documents to your boss or slip the key reasons into conversation the next time you’re chatting. Either way, we’re sure they’re going to help you secure your spot.


Justification tools for attendees:

Customize your justification letter: Use this template to communicate the value of attending the conference and the ROI you can expect.

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Projected Expense Worksheet: This workbook will enable you to take into consideration all of the costs and prepare you with a thoughtful answer.

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Who Attends TechCon?

Arm Techcon brings engineers, developers, researchers and technologists from world’s leading technology companies, universities, research firms and government agencies from around the world.

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