With the recent completion of ARM’s acquisition of Duolog, design engineers will now have greater access to better IP configuration and integration capability, which helps ARM’s partners design and deploy system IP and better manage increasing SoC integration complexity.

At ARM TechCon 2014, Duolog CTO David Murray is hosting a conference session on Friday, Oct. 3, at 3:30 pm, that will provide a good look at Duolog’s metadata-based methodology for IP configuration and verification, which is intended to help designers to better navigate through complex design issues. ARM’s acquisition of Duolog brings a better understanding of how to resolve the complexities of IP configurability, which is becoming one of the most disruptive aspects of system integration and verification. Murray will discuss how ever-increasing system complexity and tightly bound schedules have impacted IP configurability. In particular, he’ll focus on solutions for the impact that this IP configurability has on the system-dependent IP, the problems associated with IP integration, and the challenges of verifying system performance.

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