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ARM Accredited Engineer Program

Tuesday, October 29 | Grand Ballroom G

The ARM ecosystem continues to grow and diversify and with it the range of applications using ARM technology grows ever larger. Analysts forecast that there will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020. The ARM Cortex®-M family of processors provide the ideal foundation for thousands of new applications including wireless sensors, smart connected appliances, home health applications, and wearable electronics. At a time when the rapid growth of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is driving ever wider adoption of Cortex-M based devices for their impressive combination of performance, cost, power, size and ease of use, the need for good quality engineers remains imperative.

In recognition of this ARM has recently launched a new accreditation as part of its ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) program. The new “ARM Accredited MCU Engineer” (AAME) accreditation will focus on software aspects of ARMv6-M and ARMv7-M (Cortex®-M) architecture profiles and is aimed primarily at embedded MCU software engineers who are familiar with the ARM Cortex-M series and want to demonstrate their knowledge of ARM MCU technology.

Following on from the success of our one-day AAE training session at TechCon 2012, this year at TechCon the AAE program team will be delivering another day of free training. The theme this year will focus on the main elements of the Cortex-M Architecture Profile – to accompany the new ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME) accreditation..

Tuesday, October 29: ARM technology training, for free!

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– One whole day of free training (normally at least $500 per delegate)

– All the main AAME syllabus subject areas covered

– Good preparation for sitting for the AAME exam

– 20% discount code for all delegates wishing to take the AAME exam


Course Descriptions:

10:30 AM              Introduction to the AAE program

Instructor:  Daniel Dearing, Engineering Qualifications Manager, ARM

Dan will introduce the ARM Accredited Engineer program, together with an update on developments over the last 12 months and a future roadmap.

11:00 AM              The ARMv7-M and ARMv6-M Architecture Profiles:

Instructor: Ronan Synnott, Select FAE, ARM

This session will provide an overview to the ARMv6-M and ARMv7-M microcontroller architecture profiles. It will highlight differences and similarities between these and other profiles in the ARM architecture.

The ARM Microcontroller Programmer’s Model: 

Instructor: Ronan Synnott, ARM

Ronan will introduce the programmer’s model, including register sets, operating modes, instruction sets, memory map and an overview of exception handling.

12:00 PM              Advanced ARM Microcontroller Features:

Instructor: Ronan Synnott, ARM

This session will cover the details of exception handling together with more advanced features such as the SysTick timer and Memory Protection Unit.

1:00 PM                 Lunch Break (free box lunch provided)

2:00 PM                 Software Development for Cortex-M Microcontrollers:

Instructor:  David Cabanis, Senior Technical Consultant, Doulos

David will provide an overview of the software development tools available, together with the necessary steps to build a stand-alone application for a Cortex-M microcontroller.

3:00 PM                 Software Debug and Optimization for Cortex-M Microcontrollers:

Instructor:  Chris Shore, Training Products Manager, ARM

This session will cover the debug features of the Cortex-M microcontrollers and some common debug techniques. Chris will also cover some standard optimization techniques for improving performance and code size.

4:00 PM                 System Startup for Cortex-M Microcontrollers:

Instructor:  David Cabanis, Senior Technical Consultant, Doulos

David will provide an overview of a standard system startup and initialization sequence, showing how this can be written in C and/or assembler. This will also cover the standard CMSIS features provided by board and device vendors.

5:00 PM                 Cortex-M Microcontroller Implementation Diversity:

Instructor:  Chris Shore, Training Products Manager, ARM

In the final session, Chris will provide an overview of the entire current Cortex-M product range, highlighting the differences between them. He will also identify the configurable options available to device manufacturers and the resulting diversity in available devices.

6:00 PM                 Conclusion of AAE Program


Ronan Synnott, Select Field Applications Engineer at ARM, has been involved with enabling users get up to speed with software development with ARM in a variety of roles since joining ARM in 1998. Currently Ronan is working in the American FAE team enabling users with DS-5 and other software solutions. Ronan is an ARM Accredited Engineer (www.arm.com/aae).

Dan Dearing, Engineering Qualifications Manager at ARM, joined ARM in October 2011 to head up the creation of a new global, exam-based accreditation program based on ARM technology. Since joining ARM he has successfully managed the definition of a roadmap of exams, the creation and launch of the first exam in this roadmap and begun to establish a growing network of training partners around the world to support the introduction and delivery of the program.

Chris Shore, Training and Education Manager at ARM, has 12 years of experience in training ARM’s customers and end-users all over the world. He has taught and addressed conferences on every continent except Antarctica (opportunities there remain limited). Chris has worked in the melting pot that is the Cambridge Phenomenon for more than 25 years. He is a Chartered Engineer and holds an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

David Cabanis, Senior Technical Consultant at Doulos, is a highly experienced verification consultant and trainer. He has been providing training to Doulos’s customers worldwide since joining them in 2010. Doulos is an ARM Approved Training Centre and ARM Accreditation Training Partner.

Developer Summit at ARM® TechCon™

October 29–31

Join ARM at the Developer Summit, in conjunction with ARM® TechCon™, October 29–31 at the Network Meeting Center at the TechMart in Santa Clara, CA. The Developer Summit offers technical talks and hands-on workshops presenting solutions, tools and information developers need to develop successfully on ARM-based technology. ARM experts and partners such as Cocos2D, DSP Concepts, eyesight, Goo Technologies, Google, Sprint, SUSE and Oracle are preparing to deliver the latest in the areas of applications, gaming, UI, GPU compute, embedded and enterprise. The Developer Summit is an ARM-hosted event and is free to attend. Click here to  register, view the agenda and see a full list of participating companies. For more details contact Desiree Joplin.

Beer Gardenbeer

Wednesday, October 30

5:45 PM to 7:15 PM

Immediately following ARM’s CEO keynote presentation, it’s time to unwind with a cold, refreshing beverage after your busy and productive day at ARM TechCon. Our Exhibit Hall will be transformed into a Beer Garden chockfull of games, live music and pub-style grub. Mix and mingle with peers and exhibitors while sampling a wide variety of microbrews. Challenge your colleagues to a round of chess, JENGA®, or a game of cards.  Don’t forget to stop by ARM’s booth to pick up a pint from the ARM-powered kegerator.  All ARM TechCon attendees are invited to network, relax and enjoy. Cheers!

ARM TechCon Awards Celebrate Excellence

Thursday, October 31

Taking place at the Keynote presentation 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

This year we will be announcing the Best in Show Awards recognizing the best-in-class technologies introduced since the last ARM TechCon.

Categories include:

– Best in Show Chip Design
– Best in Show Hardware Design
– Best in Show Software Design

Don’t Miss the Announcement Live on October 31st at the Keynote Address