Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, took the stage this morning at ARM TechCon 2014. He began his remarks by talking about ARM’s efforts to reduce the size, cost, and power output of processors. For example, as technology and embedded processors become “vanishingly small,” they’ll proliferate in smaller components, and when costs become sufficiently low, the chips can be used just about anywhere. Even in harsh environments like cooktop stoves. The Cortex MO, for example, is small enough to fit on a human hair, he said.

Segars also suggested that the industry still needs to continue to drive complexity out of all of the products being built in the ARM ecosystem. As far as the industry has come, he said, there are still complexities that threaten to stifle growth and adoption.

Segars also said ARM is working with Synopsys on advanced chips, such as the first ARMv8 chip to support FinFET.RM, and TSCM announced that they unveiled a roadmap for 64-bit ARM processors on 10 FinFET process technology.