At this year’s ARM TechCon, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Danny Kaye will address what technology allows us to do now, and in the future, for movies and programming on the go.

At this year’s ARM TechCon (November 10-12, 2015 at Santa Clara Convention Center), the keynote speakers  will offer perspectives on the latest technologies enabling our connected world. On Wednesday, November 11, Danny Kaye, executive vice president of global research and technology strategy at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will take the stage. I had the opportunity to interview him in advance of his keynote, where we covered some of the technological issues facing the sharing of movie content, and what’s next for entertainment.

In his talk, Kaye plans to explain how to facilitate new consumer experiences that allow them to acquire, share, and consume content wherever and whenever they want. He’ll also delve into the possibilities enabled by ultra-high-definition (UHD) format, and what that means for next-generation entertainment.

EDN: I’m sure there are business challenges, but what are the biggest technical challenges that remain to offer fuller media experiences on mobile or automotive devices?

Kaye: There are several. First, we have to give the consumer both quality and convenience in the same content and devices. Then, we have to deliver next-gen content and experiences to devices over networks that are challenged by traffic and bandwidth constraints. And finally, we have to provide seamless integration between the local device and cloud storage.

EDN: How might the movie industry change as a result of the latest mobile and virtual reality technologies?

Kaye: Movies may be produced with virtual reality in mind, and virtual reality productions might be integrated directly into film production.

EDN: What did you think we would be able to do technologically already but we are still struggling with?

Kaye: I thought we would certainly be able to pre-position large amounts of content on home and mobile devices for on-demand entertainment of the highest quality. And, I expected we could deliver high quality 3D movie experiences without the need for glasses.

EDN: What do you hope to convey to the ARM TechCon audience during your keynote?

Kaye: I would like the audience to see that there are exciting new entertainment experiences on the near horizon, but these require lock-step innovation between the studio-creative and technology communities.


You can see Danny Kaye’s talk at ARM TechCon 2015 in the Santa Clara Convention Center on Wednesday, November 11th at 1:30PM.