Mike Muller, ARM’s CTO, said on stage at ARM TechCon this morning that ARM is going to simplify the world of IoT, and reduce the number of complex devices. He just announced the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, which will address the primary issues of driving innovation and utility while ensuring security. “We have an obligation if we’re going to deploy tens of millions of devices, we need to address the security issue,” said Muller. “And that can only happen if security is architected from the very beginning.” The Platform comprises mbed OS, which runs on Cortex-M products for simpler, smaller, always-on devices. It also includes mbed Device Server, which is needed to address the client and server sides of the IoT complexity issue, said Muller. The mbed Ecosystem will include partners, developers, and enabled devices. Muller said this will help with making it easier for getting the little data from IoT devices into the big data analytic platforms.