Tuesday, November 10| 9:30AM-10:30AM

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Mike Muller
Chief Technology Officer | ARM

Mike Muller was appointed chief technology officer in October 2000 and joined the board of directors in 2001.

Mike was one of the founding members of ARM and has extensive knowledge within marketing and business development, having worked as vice president for both divisions at ARM.

Before joining ARM, Mike worked for Orbis Computers and had the responsibility for hardware strategy and development of portable products at Acorn Computers.

In July 2012, he became director of Intelligent Energy Holdings PLC and Infinite Energy, Inc.

Wednesday, November 11| 9:30AM-10:30AM

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Simon Segars
Chief Executive Officer | ARM

Simon Segars is the Chief Executive Officer of ARM and serves on its Board of Directors.

He was the company’s 16th employee and has held a variety of roles from junior engineer to leadership positions in engineering and business development. He also led the development of early products such as the ARM7™ and ARM9™ CPUs that powered the first digital mobile phones, and holds patents in the field of embedded CPU architectures.

Simon is driven by a vision of technology that invisibly empowers people and businesses to improve social, economic, education and health outcomes for a globally connected population. He is passionate about embedding ARM’s energy-efficient IP everywhere intelligence is required.

Simon serves on the Boards of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDAC), and as a non-executive director at Dolby Laboratories.

He holds a BEng in electronic engineering from University of Sussex and an MSc in computer science from The University of Manchester.