SANTA CLARA, Calif.—The Internet of Things represents tremendous opportunity for designers, but it also represents how far we’ve evolved as an electronics ecosystem.

Flash back not too many years ago: The electronics industry was monolithic. Companies made not only chips but their own steppers, masks and EDA tools; they wrote their own software.

Then we realized specialization was a more efficient way to move into the future. This came with a laser focus on the supply chain.

But today, it’s a broadly connected world with “planetary ecosystems” feeding innovation and products and technology into marketplaces (a topic that ARM CEO Simon Segars will touch on in his ARM TechCon keynote).

How do we continue to broaden the innovation horizon after this evolution?

Eric Klein, a partner with Lemnos Labs, and Robert Clark, Senior Director of Software Development for Oracle , will give ARM TechCon attendees a peek at just how this will evolve Thursday at 9:30 a.m., in the Mission City Ballroom at the convention center here.

Lemnos Labs Partner Eric Klein

Klein (pictured right) is a prolific blogger who has written a lot about new pathways for innovation among hardware startups in the IoT era. Indeed, he argues, the relative “immaturity” of the IoT stack is creating enormous opportunity to broaden the innovation horizon, but this also raises questions: Are IoT entrepreneurs also supposed to be data, security and networkarchitects too? What do those architectures andservices actually look and feel like?

That’s where Clark (pictured below left)  will take the ball and run with it.

Oracle Software Development Senior Director Robert Clark

Ultimately, the promise of IoT is not just about connecting billions of devices together but about making use of the data in intelligent ways. Predictive maintenance in industrial systems is one example that holds promise. Optimizing trucking routes or predicting supply chain disruptions are others.

Clark will offer a vision for how this evolves in the coming years.

If you’re involved in some aspect of the IoT design spectrum or just fascinating by the evolution of the electronics industry, you should come and listen.

ARM Vice President of Marketing and Worldwide Alliances Ian Ferguson will kick things off at 9:30 by highlighting a program that is emblematic of this brave new world of electronics development.

Here’s a link to register for the event and here to see more information about the ARM TechCon keynotes.