SANTA CLARA, Calif.—It was no less a luminary than Leonardo da Vinci who said 500 years ago “Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

He didn’t know it at the time, but he was presaging the Internet of Things, circa 2015 and beyond.

“I believe it was looking for and being open to connections between different fields that allowed da Vinci to come up with his ideas and inventions.” Those words come from ARM CEO Simon Segars, who will deliver a keynote address to ARM TechCon 2015 Wednesday Nov. 11 at 9:30. “That seems like good advice for us today as it was in Leonardo’s day.”

Simon Segars KeynotesIndeed there’s actually a greater challenge facing engineers and developers amid the opportunity of this rapidly growing connected world: How do we build trust into this complex system? How do we ensure that experiences are secure and trustworthy from silicon to server and beyond?

This is an enormous undertaking particularly because how we innovate has changed significantly in the past generation. For the better part of the 20th century industry delivered value by inventing and optimizing the supply chain. These were linear relationships between organizations and individuals that served the innovation ecosystem well. But today the dynamic is different: It is the experience that matters today. This has, in part, given rise to “planetary ecosystems” that deliver products and services–and experiences -to consumers, Segars said.

“Today we are seeing entire categories, even entire industries being connected and the linkage between them is far more compelling and diverse than any one product and its planetary ecosystem,” he says.

But to maintain these fascinating new relationships we have to build in trust from the very beginning. This is non-trivial given the amount of technology and ecosystem complexity we deal with every day. And, with IoT, we have just one chance to get it right, Segars says.

Segars will explore these fundamental changes happening around us in his keynote, Nov. 11, which will be followed by a panel of experts including representatives from Symantec and ARM as they explore the challenges and opportunity surrounding security and trust today.

Here’s a link to register for the event and here to see more information about the ARM TechCon keynotes.