Justification Toolkit

You know Arm® TechCon is a must-attend conference, now it’s time to show your boss. Make the case using the resources in our Justification Toolkit.

This toolkit includes:

Pro Tip — Focus on what you’ll bring back to the team to show the value beyond what you get. Keep it short, but make it powerful.

Tips for Getting the Green Light

When crafting your plan, think about the bottom line: Why should the company budget for your trip and what’s the return on its investment?

  • Be specific – Describe how attending will benefit your current projects, inspire new ideas, or address knowledge gaps on the team.
  • Think ahead – With the conference held toward the end of the year, explain how you’ll get an early edge on trends in the industry for 2018.
  • Be solutions-based – What issues pop up again and again? List exhibitors who could provide the solutions the team needs.
  • Provide a post-conference rundown – Offer to deliver a short presentation or write-up on your key takeaways.
  • Devise a plan – Be thoughtful about time missed and who will cover for you while you’re at the conference.
  • Cut costs – Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses. If you’re attending the conference, book early to take advantage of early-bird rates, or save with group discounts.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

While there are many compelling reasons to attend Arm TechCon, we’ve created a brief but powerful list. Present these to your supervisor or slip them into water cooler conversation. Either way, they’re sure to help secure your spot.

  1. Comprehensive education – Arm TechCon is the largest conference dedicated to the Arm ecosystem. For three days, you’ll choose from 60+ hours and eight tracks of embedded systems learning tailored for developers, engineers, and executives. It would take thousands of hours to compile this info!
  2. Hands-on training – It’s one thing to study from afar, but quite another to put your hands to work. Take advantage of practical training opportunities over two full event days.
  3. Exclusive networking – With more than 4,000 attendees and 100 suppliers, the potential for finding solutions to your challenges and making lasting relationships is huge.
  4. Valuable resources – You’ll get exclusive access to speaker presentation decks, excellent tools for your post-conference presentation.
  5. Industry expertise – Arm TechCon is developed entirely by engineers for engineers thanks to the Technical Program Committee, an elite group of practicing engineers.

Conference Tracks at a Glance

With 100+ expert speakers sharing their insights through a variety of formats, and sessions tailored to both novices and gurus alike, you’ll find hours of education that addresses the specific needs of your department.

Here are the Arm TechCon 2017 tracks:

  • Embedded Software Development
  • Silicon Design
  • Automotive, Industrial & Functional Safety
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Graphics
  • Networking & Servers
  • High-Efficiency Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Trust & Security

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Projected Expenses Worksheet

One question inevitably comes up: How much will this cost? Make sure you’ve taken all costs into consideration and are prepared with a thoughtful answer.

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Sample Letters

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