“The IoT is being realized.”

Those reassuring words came from Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, with the research firm IDC. She and her colleague, Senior Vice President Vernon Turner, presented their latest findings several weeks back in a webinar. ARM TechCon 2015 Boards Photo

“We’re seeing deployments be real,” and the deployments are across the globe, she said.

IoT is much maligned, largely for how undefined the space tends to be. But there’s no doubt that myriad applications are being delivered and lit up. It’s just hard to quantify the uptake when so many applications can be imagined.

Nearly 60 percent of the more than 2,000 respondents told IDC that they see IoT technology as a strategic benefit for their company. Leading the way are the healthcare, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

Interestingly, respondents see deployment as benefitting their own operations first and then customers second, and they see hardware vendors as leading the charge, more so than software vendors.

Where it gets interesting is in the perception of where the action will be in IoT networks: Half the respondents see data being processed at the edge nodes, up dramatically from 40 percent in an IDC survey last year.

“That’s a real shift from seeing it go back to the data center,” MacGillivray said.

Still, “it’s a complex ecosystem, and there’s opportunity for all vendors to take advantage of it,” Turner said.

The insights came just two months before the 2015 ARM TechCon kicks off with added emphasis on IoT. (Check out Janine Love’s overview piece here).

For IoT, for example, we’re bringing back the mbed™ Zone on the exhibits floor and launching the first sponsored technical sessions for ARM mbed OS, the platform for IoT design. Attendees can learn the latest from the mbed ecosystem, Thread networking updates and more. Check out our preview blog on mbed. Find more details on ARM TechCon’s technical tracks and topics. And if you need more reasons to join us November 10-12 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, check out our justification tool kit!