Moving beyond the hype of the potential for the IoT, there are some real engineering challenges that must be overcome in order to satisfy the intoxicating market predictions of IoT uptake across industrial and commercial markets. ABI Research estimates that the volume of data captured by IoT-connected devices exceeded 200 exabytes in 2014, and its annual total is forecast to grow seven-fold by the decade’s end, surpassing 1,600 exabytes—or 1.6 zettabytes—in 2020. So, how do we successfully create the devices that will handle all of this data?

I recently spent some time asking Qian Yu, technical marketing manager at ARM, Christian Légaré, CTO and EVP, Micrium, and Mike Anderson, CTO and Chief Scientist for The PTR Group, Inc about the challenges of IoT design in advance of ARM TechCon. Read more in this article on EDN where they talk about how to pick a platform, how to balance power with functionality, and some of the latest products and techniques that make it all possible.