Innovation Awards is Now Closed

Innovation Awards 2017
Somewhere between yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s possibilities lies “aha!” It’s that intoxicating moment when illumination kindles the long, painstaking work of R&D, and innovation is born. That’s what the Arm TechCon Innovation Awards honor every year–the Arm ecosystem’s contributions towards the advancement of computing that shape today’s connected world.

The Innovation Awards highlight the most innovative Arm-based solutions and products developed between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017. If you’re still awed by your company’s last aha moment and are exhibiting at Arm TechCon, you’d be crazy not to enter.

We’ll celebrate the winners at an awards ceremony during Arm TechCon. In addition, winners will receive special onsite promotion of your achievement, a toolkit of award graphic assets, and the opportunity to present a Lightning Talk at the Arm Theater on Thursday afternoon.

A panel of Arm experts and Design News editors will select 15 finalists, 3 in each category. The finalists will be featured in a blog on this site and included in an exclusive Arm Innovation Award Tour during the event. On this tour, we will stop at each finalist’s booth and provide attendees with an up close and personal look at the finalists’ systems and devices.

The Innovation Awards contest is open to all exhibitors at Arm TechCon 2017 (October 24-26, 2017, in the Santa Clara Convention Center).


2017 Innovation Award Categories

Best Use of Advanced Technologies (AI, VR, AR, ML, CV)
Leading-edge technologies have spawned new applications and sparked innovation in systems design. Showcase an embedded product that leverages distributed computing on chip to better drive technologies such as AI, ML and vision at the edge.
Best Use of Technology in Education
Technology is most powerful when it transforms seamlessly, especially in the classroom. Submit an example of real-world embedded technology that is changing education in the classroom generally or transforming STEM specifically.
Best Wearable Device
As wearables 1.0 transitions to wearables 2.0, more compute power is being concentrated in those edge devices. Highlight an example of wearable technology in a real-world use case that leverages on-system processing for improved performance and efficiency. This can be a prototyping platform or a finished product.
Best Contribution to IoT Security
Submit innovative hardware or software solutions to known security problems such as authentication, penetration resistance, software resilience, secure manufacture and commissioning. Extra emphasis will be given to solutions that have been endorsed by security organizations.
Best Contribution to an Open-Source Software Project
The open-source software movement that revolutionized big-iron computing is influencing embedded systems design. Showcase an open-source contribution to strategic projects that have been posted upstream and deployed. Collaborative projects are welcomed.

Innovation Awards is Now Closed