For those who are attending ARM TechCon to learn more about what’s going on with the Internet of Things, we’ve got a total-immersion opportunity for you. The Connected Product Innovation Sessions are taking place on Thursday, October 31, in Mission City Ballroom B1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. These are fast-paced technology talks from industry experts on bringing connected embedded products to market. Immediately following the sessions, there will be an “ARM IoT hangout,” where you’ll have an opportunity to meet the experts and try the latest ARM technologies. The sessions are free to all registered attendees of ARM TechCon 2013 — and I’m going to take a giant leap and assume that you like “free.” So why not check it out and be the most intelligent person in your workgroup, your company — hey, even your state — on the embedded IoT market. For more details about the sessions and the meet-up, click here. See you there!