If you’re like me – passionate about really game-changing technology for enterprise use – you probably took notice of HP’s recent announcement of its aptly named “Moonshot” server technology. With the (ahem) launch, HP established a new format for server computing that I think will transform the data center. The so-called “software-defined” serves, which are built using ARM architectures, are designed from a software standpoint to address specific workloads, which boosts performance and reduces costs in the data center. And as such, they share management, power, cooling, networking, and storage to reduce operating costs; the ARM architecture designed into the system contributes to greater energy efficiency, and a higher level of security than you may be used to with traditional server technology.

For ARMTechCon 2013, which I have the honor of assisting with a team of hugely talented editors and ARM colleagues on content development, this is big news, because the launch of Moonshot (can’t avoid the pun!) led to a restructuring this week of HP’s server group, which is now headed by Bill Veghte. And it’s serendipitous for us that Bill has graciously agreed to keynote ARM TechCon 2013 to talk about the way that Moonshot is transforming server design, deployment, and management, and how that impacts enterprise efficiency, cost, and productivity. But Bill also will have an opportunity to outline for the ARMTechCon attendees of design engineers and software developers how their own contributions to innovations like chip-level energy efficiency, security, and compute power enabled HP to achieve the modifications and evolution of server technology that is Moonshot. Bill will be keynoting the conference on Oct. 29 at 9:15 AM with a discussion titled, “The New Style of IT.” I encourage you to be a part of not only this keynote, but the entire ARM TechCon experience by registering at www.armtechcon.com (in fact, register before Sept. 6, and you’ll get $400 off the price of an all-conference pass.

Whether you’re an enterprise-level IT professional, a chip designer, a software developer, or an ARM partner, I’m confident you’ll learn a lot about the future direction of server computing by listening to Bill’s inspiring presentation, and by attending some of the sessions in our server track, one of 13 tracks designed to provide the all information the information you’ll need about the ARM ecosystem of hardware and software products. And if you’re there, please look me up or tweet me on site at @briangillooly.