SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Masayoshi Son, the chairman and CEO of SoftBank Group told a packed opening day keynote audience at ARM TechCon that the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) could be compared to the historic period 542 million years ago, when the first animal life appeared on Earth. He said society would also see a “Cambrian explosion” of technologies that would transform cultures, prolong and improve lives and make people happier.Masayoshi Son SoftBank Group

“The Cambrian explosion and the IOT explosion are basically the same thing,” Son said. In technology, the evolution from the PC as the center of gravity, to mobile and then the IoT is quickening to the point where we will leap from billions of deployed IoT devices to 1 trillion devices by 2035. The devices would transform healthcare, infrastructure and the way data is channeled and used to improve lives.

“This is the Cambrian explosion,” he said, adding that the synergy between SoftBank and ARM does was going to help enable this IoT/Cambrian explosion.He pointed out a further connection to the Cambrian period half a billion years ago – the evolution of the trilobite as the first seeing animal. The trilobites’ eyes were the first sensors, according to Son, their evolution became the key to unlocking sensing, learning and acting.“We should learn from the trilobite,” he said.

(See a video excerpt from Son’s presentation here).

Eyes, analytics and value

Once all those sensors or “eyes” begin to perceive and capture data from the world around them, the real work and value creation begins. In the modern world as the number of sensors explodes, so too does the amount of data we receive and that gives us new levels of intelligence.

“This analytics will give us intelligence, and this deep learning will make us super smart,” Son said.

“This IOT, this sensing, this Cambrian explosion with 1 trillion chips and connecting to the super smart intelligence. This will become the singularity.” The super-intelligent “brain computer” will make lives more efficient, help society predict the future and enable people to live longer, healthier and happier he said. Security, however, is going to be key to the explosion, he cautioned, because we live in a world where hackers constantly seek to exploit system weaknesses. The way to solve this and fully capitalize on the value of the IoT was to work in partnership.

“This revolution can’t be made by one guy,” Son said. “This will happen with collective effort of mankind.”