OK, so two out of three ain’t bad. But I did get your attention! So there won’t be any drinks in the theater (though there is a happy hour booth crawl on the show floor on Wednesday), but there will be plenty of drama in the theater throughout the show, and you have a chance to win a Parrot Rolling Spider Microdrone by attending Rich Quinnell’s drone teardown on Wednesday at 12:00. There’s also a must-see session featuring Kickstarter talking with ARM about the maker movement at 12:30 on Thursday. You can “Meet the Revolutionaries Making GPU Compute a Reality” at 10:45 on Thursday. And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Passport Program Prize Giveaway at 3:30 on Thursday. For 30 minutes I’m everyone’s friend as we raffle off prizes to selected attendees who’ve finished the Passport Program by visiting the sponsoring booths.