Expo Hall Theater

The Expo Hall Theater is open and free for ALL attendees, and is where special interactive sessions will take place during the Expo – panel discussions, product teardowns, DIY labs, speed-trainings and more.

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Wednesday, October 30th

10:30 am-11:15 amAll Programmable Solutions for Today and Tomorrow’s Smarter Systems

ARM, National Instrumentals and Xilinx will present the impact to embedded system applications that the ARM and Xilinx technologies have made to a wide range of National Instruments solutions including current customer examples from commercial to academia.

Speakers:  Ian Ferguson,Vice President, Segment Marketing, ARM; Lawrence Getman, Vice President, Processing Platforms, Xilinx;  Jamie Smith, Director of Product Marketing, Embedded Systems, National Instruments.

11:30 am-12:15 pm -Leading in New Markets for Mobile Computing

MediaTek Inc., the leading fabless semiconductor company is at the cutting edge of massive change and innovation in the mobile computing space. Together with a panel of experts this session will discuss what is needed to lead in the mobile computing space. They will discuss what is needed to deliver, at all price points and in all global markets. They’ll discuss the insights around consumers future wants and needs. ARM will outline the technology advancements to anticipate future intelligence in everything electronic in an always on and always connected world. On the panel is Mohit  Bhushan the Vice President and general manager for US Corporate Marketing for MediaTek and Ian Ferguson, VP of segment marketing for ARM. The panel will be moderated by Jim McGregor, founder TIRIAS Research. Jim has over 25 years in the semiconductor and embedded systems industries with industry leaders. It promises to be a fast paced, lively and interesting insight into what’s needed to differentiate and succeed in this space.

Speaker:  Ian Ferguson  |  Vice President, Segment Marketing, ARM

1:30 pm-2:15 pmARM Technical Bootcamp

Need to get into ARM territory quickly? Need to tool up for a new project and not sure where to start? In this introductory session, Chris will give an overview of the architecture and product range and provide pointers to other resources to get you up to speed as soon as possible.

Speaker:  Chris Shore, Training and Education Manager, ARM
Chris Shore, training manager at ARM, has 12 years of experience in training ARM’s customers and end-users all over the world. He has taught and addressed conferences on every continent except Antarctica (opportunities there remain limited). Chris has worked in the melting pot that is the Cambridge Phenomenon for more than 25 years. He is a Chartered Engineer and holds an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

3:30 pm-4:15 pmSoftware Defined Success Factors: Opportunities to Adapt and Scale with SDN/NFV for a Virtualized World

Network operators are faced with enormous challenges from the explosion of data growth out-strapping their ability to absorb the costs of network expansion in the current paradigm, to the rapid expansion of new entrants and revenue-generating services concepts changing the business models needed to remain competitive. New technology paradigms such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and related industry initiatives such as the mobile operator’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) working group are demonstrating great promise in how new techniques for network virtualization can lower both CAPEX and OPEX, increase network agility and accelerate new revenue-generating service velocity. There is tremendous opportunity for innovation in software and in hardware evolving at a dizzying pace in open source initiatives and industry working groups across the spectrum. Our panelists represent solutions in this spectrum and discuss the opportunity, the challenges and their perspective on the way forward in this fascinating evolution of the connected world.

Speakers:  Tareq Bustami  |  VP and GM Product Management, Networking, Freescale;
Raghu Kondapalli  |  Director of Strategy, LSI Corporation; Bob Monkman  |  Enterprise Networking Segment Manager, ARM, Inc.

Thursday, October 31

10:30 am-11:15 amProduct Faceoff: A Tale of Two Thermostats – a Teardown & Giveaway!

The Nest IoT thermostat garnered lots of attention when it first debuted. Now, the startup responsible for its design is seeing competition from the thermostat establishment. Rich Quinnell, editor in chief of IoT World, will do a side-by-side comparison of the Nest smart thermostat with the smart WiFi thermostat just out from Honeywell. Join us as Rich compares the specs and behaviors, and then tears each of the devices apart for a thorough look inside these two competitors. A new (untouched) Nest will be given away to a lucky attendee.

Speaker:  Rich Quinnell  |  Editor in Chief, Microcontroller Central, UBM Tech.


12:30 pm-1:15 pm -Unleashing the possibilities of Heterogeneous Multi Processing with Samsung Exynos Processor

As the consumer continues to demand higher graphic performance and advanced features in their mobile devices, the SoC designer struggles to ensure optimal task allocation and performance with minimal power consumption.  Heterogeneous Multiprocessing (HMP) and big.LITTLE technology enables dynamic configuration of multiple processors to maximize the performance while delivering optimal energy efficiency.  Samsung introduced the new Exynos 5 Octa processor with Heterogeneous Multiprocessing (HMP) and ARM big.LITTLE technology for the first time in the industry this year.  This session will review the concept of HMP and analyze the challenges and benefits of a multiprocessor design by detailing the design process of the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor.


1:30 pm-2:15 pm -Synthesizing the RTL Design from C-Language Behavioral Models

In this session, attendees will realize the dream of directly translating a C-code description of an algorithm into an ARM-based system-on-chip (SoC). We will start with the original design intent, and move through the implementation flow. Along the way we will compare and contrast the development process using ANSI-C code vs. RTL. Participants will evaluate how errors that sometimes get introduced into the process and cause delays in the overall system design can be minimized.

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Satish Padmanabhan, CTO, Algotochip

Satish Padmanabhan has over 18 years of experience taking cutting edge technology from conceptual ideas to working SOCs. Prior to Algotochip, Satish was chief architect at ZSP, where he created the first Superscalar and the fastest DSP in the world. At Riverstone Networks and Lucent Technologies he was chief architect for the industry’s first 10Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit SONET to support complete virtual concatenation in an OC-192 link. Satish received his M.S. Degree from UCSB.