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If you have any questions about the conference program, please feel free to contact us. We will make every attempt to answer your questions or forward your requests to the appropriate person.

Joe Marks
Assoc. Director,
Event Business Dev.
(212) 600-3058
Janine Love
Technical Program Director
(973) 864-7238
Megan Pulver
Content Marketing Manager

Ian Doyle
Sr. Marketing Manager
(415) 947-6105

Kate Nilus
Marketing Manager
(415) 947-6686

Kristen Nicasio
Sales Intelligence &
Operations Director
(415) 947-6283

Erin Davidson
Sales Intelligence &
Operations Assoc.

Tiffany Sparks
Director, Mktg
Campaigns & Events
(408) 576-1397

Deanna Lau
Event Manager
(408) 576-1445

Carolyn Herr
Director of Event Operations
(949) 223-3614
(800) 441-8826 (toll free)
(415) 947-6130


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