The ARM platform is about a lot more than microcontrollers, embedded processors, and other hardware. Software is a key component of the ARM ecosystem, and this year, we’ve made a conscious effort to improve the conference sessions dedicated to improving software development for ARM.

In this ARM TechCon Session Spotlight, we focus on a session designed for developers who would like to improve the reuse of software for a variety of processors supporting multiple peripherals. Scheduled for Wednesday, October 30, from 1:30 to 2:20, this session, “ ‘Future-Proof’ Embedded Software for ARM Processors,” addresses how the proliferation of ARM cores has simplified the challenge of developing reusable embedded-software modules. Attendees will learn how their efforts at streamlining development and leveraging reusable components is shortening the development process and cutting costs.

However, the range of complex peripherals available still presents obstacles for developers who would like to combine both the need for reusing code as well as assuring long-term software quality. This session will outline practical approaches to achieving software reuse, even with incompatible peripherals across multiple microcontrollers.

To sign up for this session, or any other at ARM TechCon 2013, go here.