In our occasional spotlights featuring some of the exciting conference sessions at this year’s ARM TechCon, we take a look at Niall Cooling’s “C++ Exception Handling on the ARMv7 Architecture.” If you’re an engineer developing embedded software using C++ compilers, especially if you have an appreciation for the C++ exception model from a language perspective (but not necessary to have actively used them), you’ll want to check out this session on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 10:30 am.

In this session, Cooling, a regular at ARM TechCon and CEO of Feabhas, will take an in-depth look at what happens when a C++ exception is thrown at ARMv7 architectures. The session will help attendees follow the execution flow, examining aspects such as exception-tables, memory management, and stack unwinding. Cooling will also assess the actual overheads of using C++ exceptions within the context of the ARM architecture. Key takeaways from this session include an ARM ABI exception model of a C++ exception; the real cost of C++ exceptions on ARMv7; performance and memory implications; and best practices when using C++ exceptions. To attend this session, be sure to register for ARM TechCon 2014 here.