Graphics design, including performance improvements, software quality, rendering issues, and more, takes a more prominent role at this year’s ARM TechCon event. There are several sessions during the conference specifically addressing graphics issues related to the ARM architecture, including classes that address the Mali GPU, and we’ll even be doing a cool teardown of some products in the expo theater that will touch on graphics performance of camera technology.

But while I’m confident you’ll find every session on graphics valuable, this ARM TechCon Session Spotlight takes a look at the one titled “Addressing the Challenges of 3D Graphics in Emerging Mobile Device Platforms.” In this session, we’ll inspire out-of-the-box thinking about designing and optimizing 3D graphics for consumer and business mobile devices. In fact, because there are two distinct classes of mobile devices emerging today – high performance devices and low-cost units – we will discuss the engineering decisions that are driven by the design goals of each design class and share how the next generation Mali GPUs will address the needs of designer and architects of tomorrow’s high performance and low-cost SoCs.

You’ll learn that, even though both device classes are inherently developed using the same engineering processes, their individual design intent drives much different engineering trade-offs in terms of graphics and compute performance, power dissipation and energy efficiency, die area and process node selection, and memory bandwidth requirements. So expect a deep-dive into some great technical issues driving graphics quality in mobile devices, and come ready to learn!