The demand for hands-on training at the annual ARM TechCon has gotten so high Training Day sessions have been tripled for 2016.

During ARM TechCon 2015, some 350 attendees took advantage of four sessions during a full day of training. For ARM TechCon 2016, the program has expanded to three full days, with morning and afternoon sessions on a wider range of topics featuring lectures and hands-on design opportunities. Chris Shore presenting ARM TechCon 2015-v2

“To accommodate demand, we’ve trebled the amount of training we’re offering,” said Chris Shore, director of training for ARM (pictured right). “That’s why Training Day is now Training Days for 2016.”

This year, ARM TechCon will focus on mobile design on Tuesday, Oct., 25, the opening day of the event, hardware on Wednesday Oct. 26, software training on Thursday Oct. 27.

Here are some highlights:

Mobile Training Day

An overview of the ARMv8-A architecture for 64-bit platforms, ARM TrustZone and CryptoCell security solutions and computer vision. The afternoon sessions will cover various aspects of the new Vulkan API for graphics design and virtual reality design approaches, including a presentation from Google regarding VR extensions for developers.

Hardware Training Day

The morning session will focus on technology from Apical, the mobile-display technology company that ARM acquired earlier this year. Attendees will learn how to work with Apical’s Assertive Display IP core, which is now part of the ARM Mali Display suite. An actual design will be implemented, simulated and placed on an FPGA kit for observation and demonstration, Shore said.

ARM Training shot at ARM TechCon 2015

“I’m most excited about the afternoon of Hardware Training Day,” Shore said. “We’ll go through the whole process of designing in a radio. That’s something people regard as witchcraft, just on the boundary of analog/digital.”

Those afternoon sessions will offer deep dives into ARM Cordio Radio IP and how to integrate such technology into IoT and other products and optimize software for such systems.

Software Training Day

ARM TechCon Training Days wraps up with a diverse set of sessions on day three, focusing on software design.

The morning session offers a look how to design Micrium’s embedded RTOS components with the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform. This hands-on workshop introduces a collection of capable software components from ARM and Micrium, with a focus on the easy-to-use and intuitive APIs that the software offers for cloud connectivity.

The wrap-up afternoon session takes a different tack in software: It delves into how to use hypervisors on heterogeneous multicore SoCs.

“This is tricky stuff, so this is a unique opportunity,” Shore said.

It’s an emerging design area that takes on big time importance in some applications such as automotive. With automotive electronics platforms integrating multiple subsystems with multiple microcontrollers for, say, entertainment and vehicle control (braking, for example), the need to encapsulate software modules in such real time environments is crucial.

“To get through functional safety certification, you have to show that these functions are sufficiently isolated from each other, so poking buttons on your GPS button doesn’t interfere with braking,” Shore said. “How hypervisors interact with hw is tricky stuff.”

Click here for more information on ARM Training Days at ARM TechCon 2016 and, if you haven’t already, register here for the industry’s premier design event.

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