With the addition of an amazing panel dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities in building the infrastructure that supports much of the amazing ARM-based technologies that get a lot of the industry’s attention, all five keynotes are now set for ARM TechCon 2014.

What a lineup this year! If you haven’t registered yet, you’re risking missing out on a group that includes “The Long Tail” author and current CEO of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson (don’t miss his drone demo!); UNICEF chief innovator Erica Kochi (more here); and a trio of ARM luminaries, including CEO Simon Segars, CTO Mike Muller, and products group president Pete Hutton. Now, add to that brainpower an intriguing panel that includes Dell’s senior distinguished engineer, Robert Hormuth, and Oracle’s VP of IoT product management, Benjamin Wesson (more to come), and you’ve got a keynote bonanza that’ll keep you informed, inspired, and entertained throughout the conference.

In the newly announced panel keynote, which is titled “Infrastructure Reimagined: Winners and Losers” and takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 1, from 5:00 to 6:00, Hormuth, Wesson, and others will discuss the massive disruptive forces that are changing the nature of the infrastructure equipment that delivers the rich content and supports the useful devices that the ARM platform helps deliver. Some ideas they’ll discuss include changes to the value chain (for example, the emergence of powerful companies that use servers as the revenue generating asset with different requirements than traditional enterprises); an increased shift towards software implementations and indeed deployment of open source software; and the realization of new processing, storage, and networking technologies in lower-cost, more powerful systems.

The panelists will share perspectives on how this market will evolve over the coming five years and which types of companies will be best positioned to capitalize on these new opportunities.

If you haven’t yet registered for ARM TechCon 2014, get a move-on and go here.