There are three things I particularly love about my job as a journalist and media consultant: 1) the IT and electronics industries are full of exciting and transformational developments that literally shape the world we live in; 2) the people I get to meet in this industry are utterly fascinating, and their collective brainpower could fire up a nuclear power plant; and 3) the people I work with are the most talented and dedicated in the industry.

These three things came together in a perfect storm for me recently when Signum, the digital magazine produced by UBM Tech and ARM, the global developer of digital electronic products, won a Gold Medal for Digital Magazine Design from the Content Marketing Awards as the Best Design for a New Publication.

Signum is the collective brainchild of the brilliant people at ARM and my very talented colleagues from UBM Tech – specifically the Design Central group – and covers all the latest developments in the ARM design and development community, including news and information about innovations in the ARM ecosystem that improve how we work, play, and live our lives. It’s both an engaging read and an arresting design, and I’m proud – and quite honestly, not all that surprised – that Signum was recognized for such a prestigious award from among hundreds of entries. Being recognized by CMA is an accomplishment in its own right; being awarded a Gold Medal is an outstanding achievement.

It’s especially gratifying for two reasons: One, in the shift by traditional print technology media products to Web-based offerings, Signum represents the best of what UBM Tech is offering to the market today. Designed from the beginning as a digital product, it expertly leverages the platform in both functionality and design. And two, it’s great to see the partnership we’ve developed with the great folks at ARM be recognized in such a public way.

If you’re an electronics design engineer or processor software developer and you’d like to see why I’m so gratified by this CMA award, and you’d like to subscribe to Signum, click here to join.