On the “IoT World” community, published by UBM Tech’s sister company DeusM, I discovered a very cogent and timely overview of the IoT community that I think is very appropriate for the ARM TechCon 2013 audience, especially those attending any of the conference sessions in the “Taming the IoT Frontier” track.

The blog on IoT World (a brand-new community that is edited by my fellow ARM TechCon content editor, Rich Quinnell) is titled “An All-Encompassing Idea of the IoT,” by Pethuru Raj, an infrastructure architect for IBM India. In the blog, Raj outlines a few key trends that are making the Internet of Things an important aspect for both the builders and buyers of the technology that it comprises. They include digitalization, extreme connectivity, and service enablement. None really groundbreaking issues, but it’s the way Raj deconstructs each issue and shows how it’s changing our thinking and appreciate of IoT that makes this blog a must-read for anyone attending ARM TechCon 2013.

You’ll find it a great prep read for your visit to ARM TechCon and attendance of the IoT track. There is one particular passage that I think captures the importance of IoT in general, and the contributions of the design engineers and software developers of the ARM ecosystem in particular: “In short, digitalization will enhance our decision-making capability in our personal as well as professional lives. Digitalization also means that the ways we learn and teach are to change profoundly, energy usage will become knowledge-driven so that green goals can be met more smoothly and quickly, and the security and safety of people and properties will go up considerably. As digitalization becomes pervasive, our living, relaxing, working, and other vital places will be filled up with a variety of electronics including environment monitoring sensors, actuators, monitors, controllers, processors, projectors, displays, cameras, computers, communicators, appliances, gateways, high-definition IP TVs, and the like. In addition, items such as furniture and packages will become empowered by attaching specially made electronics onto them.”

There are some key words in there that ARM ecosystem partners directly impact: Energy-usage, security, safety, sensors, controllers…. All of these things are directly optimized by the talented people in the ARM ecosystem. It’s why ARM has such a huge stake in the development, optimization and acceptance of the Interent of Things.