It’s amazing how few of the industry events I attend include sessions for people who aren’t completely immersed in, or knowledgeable about, the major themes of the event they’re attending. It’s as if conference coordinators assume that all their attendees are 20-year industry veterans who don’t need a down-to-basics look at the primary issues and products that the event will highlight. That’s why each year ARM TechCon offers an “Introduction to ARM” conference session – an overview of the entire ARM architecture and product range that also provides event newcomers with pointers to other resources to get them up to speed as soon as possible. But it also provides industry veterans who might want to attend the session with an opportunity to pick up a few quick pointers about what to look for at the show, as well as a sneak preview of some of the future developments from ARM.

Chris Shore, training manager at ARM, is back again this year — and, yes, it’s OK to say “by popular demand,” because Chris is an ARM TechCon favorite! — to lead the “Introduction to ARM” session on ARM products and partners. In addition to the conference session on Thursday, October 31, from 10:30 to 11:20, he’ll also be in the Expo Theater on Wednesday, October 30, from 1:30 to 2:15 pm to lead his annual “ARM Technical Bootcamp,” which is a faster-paced teaser of the full introductory session. As commandant of ARM Technical Bootcamp, Chris will be ready to fire up the troops and give everyone a healthy dose of “basic training” on the ARM platform.

I had a chance to chat with Chris about what attendees can expect from both sessions…

Brian: Can you give us a brief synopsis of what you plan to cover during the Introduction to ARM session at the conference, and maybe also a brief description about the expo theater “Bootcamp” version, as well?

Chris: The Introduction to ARM session is intended for ARM newbies. If you want a quick overview of the world of ARM, chips, tools, products, boards, processors, semiconductor IP, GPUs and so on, this session will give it to you. The expo theater session covers some of the same ground, but is punchier in style and aims to introduce the show and to help attendees make sense of what they find on the expo floor.

Brian: What will be different about this year’s conference session vs. last year’s?

Chris: In previous years, the session has been longer and has covered more in the way of technical detail. This year, I will focus much more on giving a contextual overview of the world of ARM. After attending the session, attendees will be able to make much more sense of what they find on the expo floor and in the other technical sessions. They’ll be in a much better place to get more out of the TechCon experience.

Brian: What are some of the more valuable takeaways attendees will get from the session?

Chris: Things like … Where do you start with ARM? What is the ARM product range and how do the different products relate to each other? What tools are available and where do I get them from? How do I go about choosing an ARM-based solution for my product? How does ARM relate to the rest of the semiconductor industry?

Brian: You spend a lot of time speaking with people in the industry. What kinds of questions do you hear most from them about ARM? What issues are top of mind to them?

Chris: I get all kinds of questions! Why is ARM so successful? Will ARM kill Intel? What makes ARM so power-efficient? How do products from Partner A relate to products from Partner B? How do I go about choosing the ARM-based product that best fits my technical requirements? How does ARM make its money? And even, Why have I never heard of ARM?!

Well, no doubt more people will have heard of ARM following this year’s show, and the “Introduction to ARM” and “ARM Technical Bootcamp” sessions being run by Chris Shore will have a lot to do with that. See you at the show!